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Literacy on the loose: an introduction

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Welcome to my educational blog; Literacy on the loose. After decades of teaching, of thinking, reading and writing about literacy, I decided it was time for me to share. Yet another education blog? Yes, yet another education blog. But unlike many others, this is going to be a mixture of samples of academic writing, fieldnotes, videos, photos etc and above all, I’ll be sharing my logbook; the juiciest part of research (in my view) before it all gets tidied up, published and sold as ‘knowledge/facts’.

I’m not selling anything. It’s all for free for anyone who’s interested: teachers, teacher trainers, trainee teachers, parents, policy advisors, kids and the public at large. Literacy on the Loose is about what I found to be really happening; in homes, in classrooms. It’s about setting this knowledge free from the privileged format of conferences, scientific publications and seminars. I’ll try to keep the jargon down to a minimum and cut out most bibliographical references which I know you won’t look up anyway and which you won’t need to in order to benefit from this blog. If you like it, share it.

Dr Joan Barbara Simon