butter picture by Kurt Brindley

butter poem by Kurt Brindley

source: BUTTER, by Kurt Brindley

What a delight! BUTTER is a beautifully playful way of transmitting the idea: practice makes perfect. It reminds me of the many songs sung/taught at Kindergarten that I’ve analysed over the years. Kurt’s text is a poem, I know, but yes, for some strange reason, I also hear myself singing it…This one would shoot straight to the top 10! And it even makes me hungry. What about you??

So, Dad:

what little treat do you have in mind

for a son that is so kind

learning quick and without fuss

to butter bread better than the best of us?

(PS: If you’d like to share a favourite song/poem from your Kindergarten days or one that’s a hit with your grand/children, please do!)


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