Literacy is and as capital. Macro-scale:








Don’t forget Pia’s and Whitney’s pocket money. Today’s Sunday. (8yrs)

Both forms of capital (literacy and money) converge in the game below, where Whitney and Pia  practise earning money. Welcome to their Bar Délice:

bar delice

What will it be? Cola? Water? One cola, coming up. You can serve the next customer, Whitney, so stop moaning. (8 yrs)

Let’s take a closer look at the menu:

menu delice

German beer (Krombacher), orange juice, grape juice, apple juice, coca cola, small boxes of multivitamin, cold milk, sparkling water, Apfelschorle (a typical German drink. It’s sparkling mineral water with apple juice). If you’d like to add something (ajouter), there are ice cubes. Pick your flavour: cola, orange juice, grenadine syrup, plain. Spoilt for choice! The girls get to keep the coppers. No need to wait till Sunday. And with prices that cheap, I’ll definitely be back.


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