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This could be so good, but…


This image could be so good, but…

I’d like it more if it said ‘yourselves’ and had a multicultural picture. My first thought when I saw this was:

Erm, am I invited to the party? I see this white woman on her throne, atop a tower/pyramid of words, a broad smile on her face.

This could be so good, but…

am I being touchy?

I remember the Jill and John books of my childhood. Of my children’s childhood. Hard to find pictures of people who looked like us.

This could be so good, but…

Why do we need a pic in the first place? Without the pic, the message would speak to everyone. Independent of race, gender, and all the labels that force us to wear a wrong image of the beautiful, diverse individuals we are. Without the pic of the woman (blond, well, now isn’t that a surprise!),  this would actually say what I think it really wants to say. The way it is now, it’s undermining the potential of its own statement.


This could be so good, but…


In The Name Of… (where freedom and abuse possibly cross)

Ever since I found this photo online (at Unsplash), it’s been on my mind. Is there a lot to like or a lot to hate about this photo? Ok, forgive that cheap and nasty dichotomy. Let me put it another way: how do you feel about this photo?  What are your first thoughts? What happens to these first thoughts when you take a closer look at them?

Is that potato with the red hair in the word ‘normal’ Donald Trump?

Girls just wanna have FUN, but do these youngsters want or even know the FUN that is being sung about in that particular song?

Viva the Vulva? Ok, my parents were shy. When I was the age of the girl holding that banner, I didn’t even know the word vulva or have a name at all for that part of my body that was always washed quickly and covered even more quickly.


I’m pretty sure that the words on the banners were not chosen by the girls themselves. What I’m not so sure about is whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


The questions I keep asking myself:

Can these girls read what they are holding up? Have the contents been explained to them? Who wrote these banners? What is the full context of this photo? What has been done for these (and other!) girls’ education regarding their sexual and civil rights? If these girls are not fully aware of what they are holding up, can it be argued that they are being abused?

Now, I know the good intentions being expressed here, but gosh, there’s something about this photo that makes me feel uncomfortable. What about you?