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They say… I say…


50% of PhD students drop out. One reason why is because of the pressure doing a PhD puts on the relationship.



Rather than drop out, how’s about dropping your partner? If s/he can’t bear with you and support you during this testing phase, can you seriously reckon with them being there for you for life?


Problem? Solved!


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Introducing The Academic Writer’s Programme (AWP)


I love teaching. I love writing. I love giving. I love motivating students. This is why, after nearly 30 years of teaching experience, I have decided to branch out and create the Academic Writer’s Programme (AWP). This programme is an online doctoral school, designed to help PhD students to stay on course and complete their thesis with a smile. Yes, with a smile! I’ve written two PhDs. I know what it’s like. I know the problems you encounter and I’m here to help.


Let’s kick off with a FREE COURSE, followed up by loads of actionable steps so you move quickly from a struggling student to one who is confident that s/he can succeed.


There will be tons of valuable free tips coming your way on this blog, so sign up and spread the word!